P5.1 upgrade

Sohail Zafar zafar at eng.umd.edu
Thu Feb 28 06:16:55 AEST 1991

Hi everyone,
    Being a unixpc owner I regularly read the news on the network.  I am a
little confused regarding the P5.1 upgrade.  It seems that Brian Botton has
a PAL and with some other hardware mods one can upgrade to P5.1.  In the FAQ
it says that if one needs to have two hard drives then Brian's upgrade is
not recomended.  Presumably John Milton sell a kit too to upgrade to P5.1 
which enables one to put 2 drives.  
What my question is does Brian's kit support 2 drives?
If not then everything is clear but if it does then why should one buy John's
kit and not Brian's.  The difference between the two kits is not clear to me.

Another question which I have is how much does John's kit cost and how to
order it.

Thanks for the help.

Sohail Zafar.
(301)-927-7542 -home
zafar at phoenix.src.umd.edu

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