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In article <1991Feb10.201546.14336 at> dnichols at writes:
>	I looked for a way to test whether I was running under ksh (at least
>on this machine) and settled on an 'if [ $RANDOM -ne $RANDOM ]' to tell me
>that I was running ksh.  If it passed this test, I would re-start with
>/bin/sh.  With this news postings worked smoothly, at the slight cost of a
>restart if ksh were the one running.

Yeah, i had to add something like this to some files as I recall..

unset > /dev/null 2>&1 || (kill $$; /bin/sh $0 $*)

>	I just recently got the 'KSH+IN' from osu-cis.  As an experiment, I
>commented out my test code, and things worked smoothly without the test.  (I
>had been running the ksh from fixdisk 2.0).
>	Hope that this helps others faced with the same problem.
>BTW - this also fixed the problem of my .kshistory being owned by root after
>a 'su'.

Aha! Looks like I better get the KSH from osu-cis.  That .kshistory
problem really is annoying.

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