Thad's email address (was Re: Paper White 3b1)

Gil Kloepfer Jr. gil at
Wed Feb 6 04:37:29 AEST 1991

charlie at ureka.UUCP (charlie crassi) in <171 at ureka.UUCP> writes:
>I emailed this and it bounced back in 2 days. Seems the return path
>from Thad's posting is a bummer ...........

You might want to check your adjacent sites.  It seems that not too
long ago, some pretty objectionable stuff was coming out of ureka,
and perhaps it's being blocked somewhere along the way.

If anyone *is* doing this, it's probably about time to put the
grudges aside and let mail start spewing from ureka again.  I,
personally, don't block mail, but I saw some threats of it on the
net, and although I don't condone the practice, there are those
who thought it was the "best" solution.

In either case, if the path for Thad is working for some and not
others, and it's not due to the blocking of mail, then it's time
to do a new pathalias run.
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