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Thu Feb 14 01:27:21 AEST 1991

In article <1199 at galaxia.Newport.RI.US>, dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US (David H. Brierley) writes:
|> This [binary license] is not covered under the original $3000 fee but is
|> available for a measly $10000 (ten thousand) extra!  

When I checked yesterday on the AT&T Toolchest, the binary sublicensing fee
was $20,000, not $10,000.  That makes the economics even worse.

Of course, there is no restriction on the types of machines involved, so one
could also resell ksh88e binaries for other UNIX machines, too.  That could
tip the scales in favor of such a scheme.

Is the ksh from Aspen Technologies that far behind ksh88e or are their
prices really that high?

The ksh86 from the STORE! (now from osu) is enough of an improvement over
the UNIX PC's stock ksh that I would find it hard to justify spending
more than about $75 on a new ksh88e.  (And yes I am quite familiar with both
versions and know that ksh88e is nicer.)

|> If I get a really overwhelming response maybe I could check
|> on getting some of the other goodies that they have available on the
|> Toolchest.

Nawk would be nice (but perl is better :-).
Sam would be really nice (ported to mgr, of course).

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