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<	My 3b1 came shipped with PEGASYS (a CAD graphics package) installed on
<	the hard disk. No floppies, no manual. It is a "test drive" version of
<My recollection is that some company in Alameda or Berkeley (Calif.) was
<developing a product by that name some time ago, maybe what you have is it.
<If there's a company name or phone number in that "test drive"'s docs, you
<may wish to contact them and see what THEY say!

This software *was* released for sale and was demoed at at least one AT&T
sales office.  A company I was associated with purchased 2 3B1s and 2
copies of Pegasys back in, um, about 1986-7, and it had a number of
perceived deficiencies which resulted in a major dispute between the
company, AT&T, and the software vendor.  Finally, ATT agreed to take back
the 3B1s, but the software vendor basically refused to refund any portion
of the purchase price, even though the software was physically returned to
them as soon as the problems became obvious, and they acknowledged such receipt.
But they took the position that they "hadn't misrepesented" the product -
which no one had accused them of doing - and refused refund.

And it was pretty spendy - $5,000 per copy, if memory serves me.

Lent a whole new meaning to the term "CAD software". :-)

The major complaint with the software was that it was *inordinately* slow
in building files, even compared with then-current DOS-based products such
as AutoCad (which the company ended up buying and using).

This is the limit of my knowledge of PEGASYS, but if anyone wants to talk
to a couple of the people having direct, specific knowledge about the
software and its deficiencies, send me email and I will put you in touch
with them. One of them even still owns an original copy of PEGASYS, still
in the shrink-wrap, as far as I know.
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