HDB and async_main

Dave Hanna dave at dms3b1.uucp
Wed Feb 13 23:06:47 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb12.182240.23571 at micrtk.CACTUS.ORG> micro at micrtk.CACTUS.ORG (Ray Schafer) writes:
|In article <1991Feb11.192322.9824 at cbnewsk.att.com> jfv at cbnewsk.att.com writes:
|>I would like use the UA's phone (no flames please) with HDB. I like HDB and
|>use it all the time on my 3b2's and want to use it on my 7300. My question is
|>"How do I use the async_main with it?" 
|On OSU, there used to be the HDB stuff.  If you have that, you can
|install it on top of async_main (ATE disc).  I have a modified version
|of that disc that is compatible with HDB, 

What is the problem?  I use the async_main (I'm assuming that means
the terminal emulator built into the phone manager, right?), and installed
HDB from the STORE right over top of it, and it still continues
to run just as it did.  I don't recall that I changed anything.
What is it that doesn't work?

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