comp.sys.3b1 feed offered

Kris A. Kugel kak at hico2.UUCP
Sat Feb 16 07:03:29 AEST 1991

I'm again offering feeds.  Not that mine is so good at the moment,
but I'm working on that.

	1. Anywhere, any speed if you poll
	2. you should forward unix-pc,comp.sys.3b1, and comp.sources.3b1
	   articles generated near your machine, maybe skipping those
	   that traveled through well connected sites like uunet or att.
	   (this helps me keep my set reliable, and makes sure your
	    and your neighbor's messages get out)
	3. I'll send mail to you on demand if you have a telebit.

(sample B news sys file line for hico2 based on these comments below)

If you want to do this short-term until the dust settles, that's fine.

                               Kris A. Kugel
                             ( 908 ) 842-2707
                      internet: kak at

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