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In article <58 at morwyn.UUCP> forrie at morwyn.UUCP (Forrie Aldrich) writes:
>I have compliled successfully and USE smail3.1 PL18 on my unix-pc.  But
>I noted that smail doesn't automatically generate a return receipt as
>other systems do, and wondered if someone has resolved this issue?

(This may not be what you want to hear...) Return-Receipt-To: is a
sendmail-specific feature.

The IDA enhancements to sendmail, at least as of 5.65+IDA1.3.5, will
compile and run on a 3b1.  The aforementioned version (source) is
available from osu-cis.  There is also a more recent version available,
but I haven't tried it, nor have I seen it appear on any major uucp
archive site. If there's a great clamor for this, I could make a binary
version available (to replace the old one in osu-cis' ~/att7300 directory).
Here's the announcement of the latest version from a couple of months

	From: paul at (Paul Pomes - UofIllinois CSO)
	Newsgroups: comp.mail.sendmail
	Subject: New UIUC/NIU IDA sendmail release (1.4.2)
	Message-ID: <1990Dec14.235435.905 at>
	Date: 14 Dec 90 23:54:35 GMT
	Sender: news at (News)
	Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
	Lines: 114

	A new release of the UIUC/NIU version of IDA sendmail is now available for
	anon-FTP from in pub/sendmail-5.65+IDA-1.4.2.tar.Z .
	The original IDA enhancements, plus the UIUC/NIU and contributed changes,
	provide the following:

		* support for mail11v3 for DECnet sites (optional)
		* support for Dbm(3) files - dbm, ndbm, sdbm, mdbm, and gdbm
			- allows pathalias database to be directly used
			- allows choice of mailer to be table driven
			- allows UUCP and domain name aliasing
			- optional support to access Sun NIS (aka YP) DBM databases
		* improved support of MX records
		* split header rewriting between envelope and headers
		* improved test mode
		* support for multi-token matches in .cf macros and classes
		* batched SMTP support
		* allow set (class) declarations to use programs as well as files
		  to define a set
		* delayed macro evauation using $&x syntax
		* RFC822 quoted macro expansion using $!x syntax
		* an excellent general purpose m4 template for .cf file generation
			- supports pure UUCP site requirements
			- supports pure Internet site requirements
			- supports a hybrid of UUCP site and Internet site
			- supports hidden and isolated local area networks connected
			  via a gateway (either UUCP or IP) to the Internet
			- provides NIS (aka YP) aliases (optional)
			- provides DECnet gateway support
			- supports genericfrom database mapping actual user names to
			  generic user names.
			- supports pathalias database
			- support UUCP and domain name aliasing

	This release is chiefly a bugfix and increased portability release.  Neil
	Rickert has substantially improved the DecNet gateway rulesets.

		Changes in 5.65/1.4.2 from the previous (1.3.5) release:

	Tested now on Next, SGI-IRIS (IRIX 3.3.1), HP-Apollo (10.3).

	Now compiles and runs with gcc (tested w. 1.37.1 on Sequent, VAX, Pyramid,
	then I got tired).  No longer needs -pcc flag on Convex.

	Installation instructions now included.  See INSTALL.

	Loops in myhostname() if NAMED_BIND #define'd and all nameservers are
	unreachable.  Not needed if hostname returns the FQDN.

	Fixed randomization of equal weighted MX records.

	Change auto variables in tTflag() to unsigned int.  This closes a nasty
	security hole.

	Gutted load averaging mess from conf.c and replaced with getloadavg.c from
	the X11R4 distribution.  The calculated load average can be printed using
	the -d3.1 debug flag.

	deliver() now configured to release non-inheritable flock() (emulated with
	lockf()) before fork() and to re-flock() in child.  The #include <file.h>
	for testing whether to emulate flock() has been moved from the various *.c
	files to sendmail.h.

	Re-named #define SYSTEM5 to #define SYSV.

	Isolated code in recipient.c that does fuzzy-matching of recipient names.
	Now disabled by default.  See FUZZY in conf.h

	All tokens following #else and #endif statements are now in comments.  This
	appeases the more discerning pre-processors.

	Deleted OUTPUT_PID in conf.h.  The sendmail.fc freeze file code is now
	included only if _PATH_SENDMAILFC is defined in conf.h (see next).

	Because the definition (or lack) of the _PATH_SENDMAIL* #define's now 
	controls whether certain code is compiled, the contents of pathnames.h
	has been absorbed into conf.h .  This localizes site-specific customizations
	to conf.h and the Makefile.

	Simplified locking in mapinit().  Now only the alias file is opened O_RDWR
	when OpMode == MD_INITALIAS.  All others are O_RDONLY.  The same situation
	for flock(): LOCK_SH unless re-writing the alias database.  Anything
	re-writing a DBM database should be using exclusive locks which will block
	a LOCK_SH request.  This provides better support for NFS-mounted, read-only
	filesystems containing the mail database files.

	ida/aux/dbm.c now pays attention to the return value of flock().  The fetch
	and dump operations apply shared locks, all others apply exclusive locks.

	binmail sources can now be compiled to use ..../mail/username.lock style
	locking.  Handy for systems that NFS mount the mail spool area.  Whatever
	style you use, make sure all the players agree or BAD THINGS may happen.

	The values of the $r and $q macros are now saved in the queue files.

	Neil Rickert has again improved ida/cf/  Among other things he's
	eliminated the need for using when forward aliases are used.
	Re-write all current aliases that are of the form

		user at host.domain:	something


		user%host.domain at al.ias.UUCP:	something

	and add the following to mailertable:

		LOCAL!localhost		al.ias.UUCP

         Paul Pomes

	UUCP: {att,iuvax,uunet}!uiucuxc!paul   Internet, BITNET: paul at
	US Mail:  UofIllinois, CSO, 1304 W Springfield Ave, Urbana, IL  61801-2910

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