inews rejects my posting

Dave Hanna dave at dms3b1.uucp
Mon Jan 28 15:27:48 AEST 1991

In article <455 at> cjp at (CJ Pilzer) writes:
>I am running Cnews on my UNIXPC 7300.  My /usr/lib/news/active file contains
>lines for unix-pc.general and comp.sys.3b1.  When I am reading the news
>I can read all of the articles in both of these groups.  When I try to
>run postnews and specify either of these groups, I get the following message:
>inews: comp.sys.3b1 matches no groups in /usr/lib/news/active

Does this happen if you post _only_ to comp.sys.3b1, or just if you
cross-post to another group (e.g., comp.sys.3b1,unix-pc.general)?

The reason I ask is that I had exactly the same problem a few weeks ago
when I tried to cross-post a forsale announcement to 3 different groups.
Inews rejected it with exactly the same message, even though all three
groups were in my active file.  I played with Inews some, and traced it
down to a moderately complicated egrep line that is failing when run
from within the inews shell script, even though it succeeds when exactly
the same line is run by hand (from ksh).  I haven't pursued it farther 
than that, and I would appreciate any insight anyone has.

>I am posting this message on the computer that forwards the news to me.

Yeah, I ended up posting from the Sun at work.  But I have never had a
problem with a post to a single group.

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