BOF attendance roster

David B. Thomas dt at
Thu Jan 31 17:25:47 AEST 1991

Hi, all.  Yenta died, so if any of you have tried to contact me, your
mail might have been lost.

The BOF was a blast... so much so that in all the excitement, I accidentally
took home the attendance roster that we all signed.  Here's the list:

	David B. Thomas			dt at
	Alan Lundin			alundin at
	Augustine Cano			afc at
	Tom Kimball			tk at
	Jeff Kinz
	Rex Fowler			rmfowler%texrex at
	Bob Mugele			bobm at
	Robert Granvin			rjg at
	Dave Sears			sears at
	Greg A. Woods			{utzoo,lsuc}!eci386!woods
	Steve Struss			struss at
	Craig Votava			cmv at
	John R. MacMillan		john at chance.UUCP | john at

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