"comp.sys.3b2" and "comp.sources.3b2" anyone?

LCDR Michael E. Dobson rdc30med at nmrdc1.nmrdc.nnmc.navy.mil
Tue Jan 29 05:04:48 AEST 1991

>From what I've seen of the traffic in comp.sys.att, it has been either 3b1 or
3b2 traffic all along.  Now that the unix-pc traffic will (largely) be going
into the 3b1 groups, that would seem to leave 3b2 traffic the sole occupant
of comp.sys.att.  Perhaps a rename to comp.sys.3b2 and the addition of 
comp.sources.3b2 is in order.  How much 3b2 specific source code is actually
out there?  With the exception of ANSI C code and heavily BSDish code, I've had
only minor problems with code from the existing source groups that claims to be
usable on SysV machines so we may not need a 3b2 specifc source group.
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