3B1 Device Driver Dev. Guide update and ordering info

Thomas J. Pusateri pusateri at duke.cs.duke.edu
Sun Jan 27 08:17:19 AEST 1991

>Does anyone have an OCR scanner, so we could just scan the printed
>guide (3B1 DEVICE DRIVER GUIDE) (and then proof-read it for scan errors)
>instead of typing it
>all in?  Or is the copy too low quality to make that a viable option?

Excuse me but I been waiting for an opportunity to put my new HP ScanJet+
and ACCU Scan OCR Software to work. I will offer to scan it in and tell
you what, I'll go ahead and format it while I'm at it. I can put it
in several forms, take your pick:

	Troff (ms macros, me macros, and possibly mm macros)
	LaTex (I hate this so I hope you don't pick this one)
		I can supply latex source and a .dvi file for
		you fortunate people who don't have tex.
		If all people want is postscript then I will probably
		use FrameMaker so it looks the best and I can reproduce
		AT&T's format the closest.

		However, picking either Troff or LaTex will in the end
		allow us to have postscript too. But either of the
		above two will allow formating for other printers as
		well if a person has the drivers.

What does everybody think?

Tom Pusateri
pusateri at nbsr.duke.edu (preferred)
pusateri at macbeth.cs.duke.edu

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