"comp.sys.3b2" and "comp.sources.3b2" anyone?

Bud Hovell @ Mtek bbh at mtek.com
Mon Jan 28 12:21:33 AEST 1991

Any chance that the folks in the 'u3b' groups might like to come over
and play under the new schema?

Particularly for those such as we who have older 3B2 machines, the logic for
doing so may be as compelling as that which the vast majority of us
supported in voting the switchover from unix-pc.* to comp.*.3b1. It appears
the 'u3b' groups suffer equally from lack of general distribution. And there
are alot more 3B2 machines of various shades than 3B1s, so readership
should not be an issue, it would seem.

I know the topic of a more-general reorganization arose during the debate
about comp.sys.3b1 (and absolutely agree that it would have been *most*
undesireable to muddy the waters at that time), but...

Is the time now at hand to discuss further reorganization logic(s)?

Yeah, I know: "No slack!" But success begets success - so maybe we
should carry through while we're on a roll. :-) :-)
bud at mtek.com
"The 'government' is defined as the people who have the guns." - unattrib.

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