"comp.sys.3b2" and "comp.sources.3b2" anyone?

Richard Stueven gak at gakbox.Corp.Sun.COM
Tue Jan 29 07:38:03 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jan28.152827.8986 at mthvax.cs.miami.edu>, aem at mthvax.cs.miami.edu (a.e.mossberg) writes:
>It seems that it would make more sense from the beginning to have a
>comp.sys.3b and comp.sources.3b [...]

The 3B1 and the 3B2 are wildly different machines.  In fact, no 3B
model resembles any other 3B model, except for the numerous variations
of the 3B2, and the 3B5/3B15 models.  (Are they still making any of
these anymore?  I've been out of it for a while...)

comp.sys.att lumps these models together nicely, as far as we 3b1-ites
are concerned.

have fun


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