AT&T Unix PC for sale

Ted A. Campbell tcamp at
Sun Jan 27 07:47:02 AEST 1991

I have an AT&T Unix PC for sale for $900.  Details follow. Inquiries
to Ted A. Campbell: tcamp at


AT&T Unix PC (PC 7300) Hardware:

	- Motorola 68010 cpu
	- 35 MB Seagate Hard Disk Drive
	- 1.5 MB RAM (1 on main board, .5 on memory card)
	- Green monochrome monitor
	- 1200 baud internal modem
	- 3-button mouse
	- 5.25" floppy drive, with software to read PC-compatible
	- unit has "vidpal" modification that allows direct address
	  to video RAM (necessary for MGR)

AT&T Unix PC (PC 7300) Software:

	- AT&T Unix System V operating system, revision 3.5 for
	  the Unix PC; includes uucp and email software
	- User Agent user interface; allows use of multiple
	  windows to Unix, with streamlined means of management
	  for the Unix system
	- Development Set, includes C compiler (with yacc, lex, sdb,
	  etc), text processing software (vi, nroff, etc.) and 
	  graphics development software using VDI system
	- a good deal of pd, freeware, and shareware software,
	  including news 2.11, rn, Uemacs, the impressive MGR graphical
	  User Interface, and others

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