Expire send nasty message about archiving

CJ Pilzer cjp at beartrk.beartrack.com
Sun Jan 27 17:51:50 AEST 1991

I have a UNIXPC 7300 with unix 3.51 running Cnews.  I have a 40 meg disk
so I expire articles quickly.  In my explist the last field on each
line is " - ".  I thought that this meant not to archive anything. 
Never the less, I keep getting messages in the mails saying that due to
space limitations expire is being run with the -h option and that archive
files are being retained in the news spool.  After getting this message
I ran df and there were 17252 blocks shown free.  Can anyone tell me:

	1.  Why am I getting this message?

	2.  Does it mean that any files that I have expired are being kept
	on the disk?

	3.  The message also says that urgent human action is required.  What
	action am I supposed to take?

thanks for any replies. -- cjp at ursaco.beartrack.com

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