Possible Phoenix Story of 3B1

Arnold D. Robbins arnold at skeeve.UUCP
Tue Jan 29 14:30:44 AEST 1991

In article <38509 at cup.portal.com> thad at cup.portal.com (Thad P Floryan) writes:
>For a multi-billion dollar per year company like Apple attempting to pull the
>wool over everyone's eyes in 1991 with a "new, improved" product that's really
>over 8 years old is the epitome of audacity and arrogance.

Indeed.  Apple and A/UX are exactly analogous to DEC and Ultrix and to
IBM and AIX.  All large companies, all with badly outdated and/or badly
broken, and/or muchly enhanced-in-a-proprietary-fashion versions of Unix.

There's a rather obvious pattern here.  The compannies with large investments
in proprietary operating systems are into Unix and open systems only in a
token fashion.  As a result, they inevitably do a lousy job of it, no matter
*how* much time, effort, or money they invest in their Unix product, because
when it comes down to it, they all just wish Unix would go away.

On the other hand, the companies that only do Unix, like Sun, Pyramid, Sequent,
ISC, and so on, have good to excellent Unix offerings.

Me, I'd take a sparc station over almost anything, any day.
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