New 3b1 newsgroups

Thad P Floryan thad at
Wed Jan 30 23:20:04 AEST 1991

Sheesh, we shoulda done the "comp.sys.3b1" years ago.  It even automagically
appeared at H-P Labs of all places!  :-)

But, none of the new stuff has appeared at PORTAL, not even my own postings
(of which over 90% recently get zapped locally due to some local brain-damage,
much of which, to be fair to PORTAL, can be attributed to the brain-damaged
SunOS and its crap software minions).

Because of the increasingly deteriorated service at PORTAL (file transfers are
broken, news feed is erratic at best, etc.), there's a 99% probability I will
be switching to possibly SEVERAL new services (and new email addresses) by the
end of this month (yep, within 48 hours) unless PORTAL can produce some very
compelling reasons to stay, which I doubt they can do.

I'm going to make one final attempt to answer the email that's stacked up here,
but worst-case is I'll be sending replies from another site(s) IF I can get the
extant mail over to my own system first.  At least I've already gotten smail,
pathalias and the latest UUNET maps all working fine; now just gotta figure out
what's causing an "ASSERT ERROR" with one of my new email feed sites.  I'll
post a message when it's all working; this is probably my next-to-last posting
from PORTAL.


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