inews rejects my posting

CJ Pilzer cjp at
Sun Jan 27 18:01:54 AEST 1991

I am running Cnews on my UNIXPC 7300.  My /usr/lib/news/active file contains
lines for unix-pc.general and comp.sys.3b1.  When I am reading the news
I can read all of the articles in both of these groups.  When I try to
run postnews and specify either of these groups, I get the following message:

inews: comp.sys.3b1 matches no groups in /usr/lib/news/active
inews: article in /u/cjp/dead.article

What could I be doing wrong?  

I am posting this message on the computer that forwards the news to me.

Thanks for any replies.  --cjp at

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