The Best Of unix-pc.sources?

Mark H. Weber mhw at lock60.UUCP
Mon Jan 28 14:01:37 AEST 1991

In article <2969 at> staggers at (Ken Staggers) writes:
>'s about time!  Now that unix-pc info is part of the comp
>hierarchy, my old school St John Fisher can receive it!
Welcome aboard! We should be able to reach many more sites than we
could with the old unix-pc groups.

>p.s. Hmmm...seems I can't post to comp.sources.3b1 yet....oh well...

Comp.sources.3b1 is supposed to be a moderated group, but the setup for
this is not complete yet. For the moment, source postings (and other
3b1 source related suggestions) should be sent directly to the group

    comp-sources-3b1 at

Hopefully, the setup for the sources group will be complete in another
week or so.

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