"comp.sys.3b2" and "comp.sources.3b2" anyone?

Pete Holsberg pjh at mccc.edu
Tue Jan 29 12:05:21 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jan28.012133.13672 at mtek.com> bbh at mtek.com (Bud Hovell @ Mtek) writes:
=Any chance that the folks in the 'u3b' groups might like to come over
=and play under the new schema?
=Particularly for those such as we who have older 3B2 machines, the logic for
=doing so may be as compelling as that which the vast majority of us
=supported in voting the switchover from unix-pc.* to comp.*.3b1. It appears
=the 'u3b' groups suffer equally from lack of general distribution. And there
=are alot more 3B2 machines of various shades than 3B1s, so readership
=should not be an issue, it would seem.

I wouldn't mind seeing comp.sys.3b2 and comp.sources.3b2.

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