Is there a way to track the 3b1 mouse w/o pressing buttons?

Ted A. Campbell tcamp at
Thu Jun 27 02:52:03 AEST 1991

I am revising my graphics software for the 3b1. This has both
TAM and MGR interfaces, but under TAM I can't seem to figure how
to track mouse position without a key on the mouse being pressed.
I've tried the TAM wreadmouse() call and the more generic
track() calls, and I've read the documentation on the two
mouse-related ioctl calls, but neither of them promises to
be able to read the present position of the mouse.  Can anyone
suggest a way that this can be done?

Why? because I want to implement a "rubberbanding routine"
(Please, no VDI) that will track a rectangle while a button
is depressed.  Any help will be appreciated.

Ted A. Campbell
tcamp at

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