help needed desperately on printer setup on 7300

Jennifer Quirin quirin at
Wed Jun 26 17:29:47 AEST 1991

I have recently moved out of the academic community into the outside world,
so I have realized the one great danger of this move:  I am now without
access to a printer.  I don't think I even remember what I typewriter
looks like.

A friend of mine gave me an Inforunner Riteman printer (looks a bit like
an Epson lineprinter, but I am not sure if it is a clone) to use
with my 7300, but I'll be jigged if I can get the thing to work.  The
Riteman has the same parallel connection as the 7300 has, the flat
36-connection hookup.

Help!  I have no way to print things out until I get this working!
Could someone please mail to me *personally* (I am dialing up long distance
to CMU and cannot afford the phone time to read the newsgroup) as many
as possible of

1.  How to get this to work
2.  pinouts for the parallel connection on the 7300
3.  general hints
4.  total discouragement if this is really *impossible*

Thanks for your help!!!  Any of the addresses in the header or in the
.sig should work.


PS:  if you need more information to follow up on this, please send me

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