TAR on 3b1

Forrie Aldrich forrie at morwyn.UUCP
Sun Jun 30 07:14:05 AEST 1991

vancleef at iastate.edu (Van Cleef Henry H) writes:
| I have seen this problem with files tarred and compressed on a
| DECstation under Ultrix 4.1.  The pipe hangs.  Solution is to
| uncompress the file first, then untar it.  Finding a real fix is 
| one more round-tuit project.
[ ... ]

Regarding the problem with 'zcat file.tar | tar xovf -' ...

Well, there have been others who have responded via email to me that claim
not to have this problem with their stock TAR program, and others who say
they DO... SO, my solution was to simply try another tar program.  What
I did was retrieved the tar-1.10beta.tar.Z file from prep.ai.mit.edu in
/pub/gnu and compiled it.  THEN I tried the above and it works fine.

Someone also sent me the output of the 'what' command on the TAR command
file.  And I notcied a difference of TIMES that the original was created,
so maybe that's the problem, who knows.


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