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Robert L. Haar CS50 rhaar at albert.cs.gmr.com
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In article <1991Jun28.104634.26623 at news.gvl.unisys.com>,
derekp at gvlf9-m.gvl.unisys.com writes:
|> 	Does anyone know if the OBM in the 3b1 can be set up so 
|> 	it will not auto-answer. I'm trying to get uucp, mail, etc 
|> 	working and have only one phone line. It would be a real help 
|> 	if I could block auto-answer until I'm ready for that.
|> 	(Yeah, I know, disconnect the phone line, right? :) )

If you have the phone line in VOICE mode, the OBM will not
try to answer. Then switch to DATA mode before using the modem
and back to VOICE when you are done.

I use a utility called phset that was posted some time ago to do
this. I manually switch in/out of data mode for using cu or ATE.
For regularly scheduled outgoing calls (for uucp), I switch the
line with cron invocations of phset.

You can find this program at OSU under the name set_phone_line.Z .

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