Michael Snyder mps at hawkeye.UUCP
Sat Jun 22 05:29:26 AEST 1991

Many thanks to the following people who responded to my prior postings
on upgrading memory/combo board memory:

	Mark Fleming (mark at NCoast.ORG)
	Rob Stampfli (res at colnet.uucp)
	David Thomas (dt at yenta)
	Bruce Lilly  (address buried in news postings)
	anyone whose mail to me bounced somewhere along the line.

I have a 512K board in hand, and it's just a matter of when i can take
the ol'system down to pull it out and upgrade it.

Also, I owe "little david" a cold one IF he ever makes it up to this area
for the lead on Computer Horizons.  They seem to be a SUPER outfit to work

Thanks Again!
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