a few detailed mgr questions (bugs?)

John R. MacMillan john at chance.UUCP
Tue Jun 25 02:09:12 AEST 1991

|(1)  I run ksh in emacs mode, and use ^U as kill, and ^C as intr.  Under
|     mgr, under some circumstances, these don't work.  I appear to
|     get echoed the mgr font character in '\003' (something like a
|     backwards E) rather than an interrupt, for instance.  Has anyone
|     else seen anything like this?


|(2)  How can I get a new window made with the menu rather than alt-^N
|     to be in my font rather than the too-big system font?
|(3)  How can I get system menus in my font rather than the too-big
|     system font?

A couple of possibilities:

1. Recompile MGR with a different default font (see DEFAULT_FONT in

2. Use the -F <default-font> option when starting mgr.

|(4)  Has anyone contemplated writing a 3b1 emulation library for things
|     like the window operations, the bit-blts etc?  It would be nice
|     to be able to take the source of 3b1 applications, like cheapdraw,
|     and get them to wokr under mgr.

Considered it?  Yes.  Done it?  Not me. :-)

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