gcc-cc1 dumping core and fatal signal 6

Thaddeus P. Floryan thad at public.BTR.COM
Tue Jun 18 23:38:24 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jun17.222609.10606 at blilly.UUCP> bruce at balilly (Bruce Lilly) writes:
>In article <125 at morwyn.UUCP> forrie at morwyn.UUCP (Forrie Aldrich) writes:
>[ ... ]
>>Program cc1 got fatal signal 6.
>[ ... ]
>>I can't place any calls to gcc-cc1, as it will simply dump core.

I used to get ``fatal signal 6'' and ``fatal signal 11'' OFTEN before upgrading
to 3.51m.  Arrgh, the frustrations of compiling large programs ... sometimes
required 15 to 20 "nohup make &" before it'd complete successfully (even with
kernel version 3.51a).

One of the release notes (either net-posted or accompanying FIXDISK 2)
mentioned a long-standing kernel bug in this regards was fixed by 3.51m.

The only gripe I have concerns 19,200 baud operation ("Oh gawd, Thad, let it
rest!" :-)

Thad Floryan [ thad at btr.com (OR) {decwrl, mips, fernwood}!btr!thad ]

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