PC coprocessor comments wanted

Bob Plencner bobp at gti.apollo.hp.com
Tue Jun 4 01:52:21 AEST 1991

 I'm looking for facts/comments on the PC coprocessor 
for the AT&T 7300 PC.

     Speed -  Is it equivalent to the 4mhz or 8mhz
              PC-XT ??

  Software -  What kind of software have you had
              luck/no luck running on this board ?

      Disk -  How much space does the support for
              the board (drivers ?) take up ?  Also,
              how is disk space allocated for the
              coprocessor's "C:" drive ?

  Graphics -  Does the board only run in text mode,
              or can it use the 7300's bit-mapped
              graphics ??

     Mouse -  Can the mouse be used for DOS applications
              that support the mouse ??

Installing -  Any difficulty installing the hardware
              or software ??   Any revs to stay away
              from ??

Any other comments on the board ??

Bob Plencner

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