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In article <1991Jun9.170520.4087 at yenta.alb.nm.us> dt at yenta.alb.nm.us (David B. Thomas) writes:
>How does the 3b1 know where to find swap space, and can it use the "swap
>partition" on the second hard disk?
>						little david

	It looks for the special device file "/dev/swap".  Here, we see that
it is the same major and minor device numbers as /dev/fp001, and probably
should be linked, but isn't on this system.  If you do so, you should use
the permissions and ownership of the "swap" listing.

br--------  1 root    root      0,  1 Dec 30 21:42 /dev/fp001
brw-r-----  1 sys     sys       0,  1 Dec 30 21:50 /dev/swap

	You should be able to simply replace "/dev/swap" with a link to the
selected partition on your other drive, but I know of no way to have it use
both.  It would be nice if it did paging from one drive, and swapping to the
other, so you could increase the space to handle emergency conditions, since
the actual "swap" proceedure is used only under relative emergency
conditions, with paging used for normal conditions.

	You should probably wait a while to see if any reply postings from
the "kernel cognosenti" appear with warnings before trying this, since I
don't have access to kernel source, and am just speaking from my readings
and general understanding.  If I gave wrong advice, I'm sure I'll hear about
it :-)

	Good Luck

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