Thanks for the man help

Joseph V Schwarz jschwarz at
Fri Jun 7 14:10:48 AEST 1991

Sorry to waste the net.bandwith, but I wanted to thank everyone (and there
were a lot of you) who helped me get my manual pages and external modem
on line.

I would recomend to anyone to get the compiled man program from osu, it
works much better than the stock one that came with the 3b1!

Since I still only have shell access to the local sites here, I managed
to get pcomm working for binary transfers. My cable had a loose connection,
so it turned out to be operator error on why I kept getting hung up on.

Thanks again- I'll probably ask for more help with uucp when I find a 
local 9600 v.32 site! :-)


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