WD2010 chip

Bruce D. Becker bdb at becker.UUCP
Wed Jun 12 07:23:45 AEST 1991

In article <A2YB-KE at ris1.ferranti.com> harter at ficc.ferranti.com (ron harter) writes:
|In order to take advantage of the wd2010 I would like to upgrade the o/s from
|3.51a to 3.51m. How do I go about doing it and where do I get the diagnostic
|disk needed to ormat the larger drives?

	You don't need the 3.51m /unix in order
	to use the WD2010, altho it's nice to have.
	You would benefit from a hardware upgrade
	however in order to be able to address more
	than 8 disk heads, and perhaps support extra

	The revised "s4diag" is available from
	OSU archives - it's about 150K uncompressed...

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