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In article <1991Jun18.064145.3550 at swl386.uucp> johno at swl386.uucp (john o'brien's account) writes:
>One of my 3b1's 67mb,3M Ram, Combo Card, .5 meg plug-in board, Exp. box, etc
>has been having a few problems for some time.  I have about decided to reload
>the OS from scratch but would like to try an easier solution if there is one.
>Number one is IMHO a definite hardware problem, that is that when the box 
>sets for any extended length of time while logged in to an ID and I come in
>and try to logoff, it hangs on the bright screen just before the 'Welcome'

	I don't see how this could be a hardware problem, unless it would be
a bad sector in some file necessary for the process.  It might be something
like a memory leak in some process involved with the active logon.  How long
is "an extended length of time"?  What shell is running?  Are there any
other processes active?  Is this under ua or a plain shell login?

>prompt appears.  The second is I believe a corrupted file somewhere, that is
>that when I try to do a shutdown from any ID (except root) I get an error msg
>and the shutdown does not happen.  (I'll post tomorrow with the error if any

	Is this shutdown being attempted from ua, or as a direct shell
command?  Shutdown SHOULD only be usable by root.  Ua uses a suid program to
get away with this, and is a security hole.  If you can't do this from ua,
then someone increased the security of your system by turning of the suid
bit on the portion of ua which does it.  If the machine is not reachable by
modem, you might be able to get away with turning on the suid bit on
/etc/init (which is linked to /bin/telinit).

	Good Luck

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