more than 126 tokens in YACC ?

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Thu Jun 13 22:39:28 AEST 1991

In article <297 at wmms.UUCP>, david at wmms.UUCP (David R. Mayne) writes:
|> In article <1214 at wzlr.UUCP>, jms at wzlr.UUCP (Jack Stephens) writes:
|> >  fatal error: too many terminals, limit 127, line 125
|> > 
|> >  Will some kind soul tell me this is all a bad dream ?  Failing that,
|> >  how 'bout a work around?
|> The work around is to get byacc (Berkeley yacc).
|> Having the source code allows you to set the number of symbols
|> availible in the symbol table, and simply recompile, if
|> necessary.

There is no need to change the surce code to increase anything, as byacc
grows its tables dynamically.

|>             No changes are needed to compile this package on the 3b1.

Right.  I found byacc very easy to get working on my 3b1.  There isn't
even a file like /usr/lib/yaccpar to worry about, it's built
into the executable.

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