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Thu Jun 20 13:58:57 AEST 1991

Michael Begley writes:
>well, I seem to have lost the keyboard to my 3b1 during a recent move.

Some keyboards are fixable.  I've seen 2 older 7300 keyboards
that have the pc board totally wrapped in a metallic foil.  It's
fairly easy for trimmed leads to poke into this and short out.
The quick fix is to simply remove the foil.  Beware that this
may cause your machine to be no longer FCC approved, i.e., it
may radiate a bit more r.f. noise.  (Nearby shortwave receivers
and DAK breadmakers are especially sensitive to this noise.)

You can also check the circuit board for cracked solder joints;
this can be caused by any excessive force on the keyboard--
pushing, twisting, etc.  Simply resolder anything that looks
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