For sale: 3b1 Starlan Network Programs, NEU's, Development Tools

David Ragozin rag at
Wed Jun 26 05:14:19 AEST 1991

Yesterday I posted a forsale notice listing 3b1/7300 3.5 software and
manuals for sale.  I also listed 14 Starlan 1Mbit Network Access Units
w/Software drivers and Manuals(these include the Diagnostic Disks which
come with the hardware AND the User's Guide with Network Program  Rel 1.1).
Further software/manuals available from leftovers in our department:

	9 Starlan Network User's Guides w/Network Program Rel 1.1 (1Mbit)
	3 Starlan Network Extension Units (11 socket closet hub)
		(1 is shrink wrapped, 2 were used for 2 years)
       10 Development Tools Software w/Manuals (ISAM and Sort/Merge Ver 2.1,) 

Again, make your best offer including shipping costs.
(The Starlan boards and software seem to be the most popular - not too
many of the original 14 are left.)

Prof. David Ragozin,        Dept. of Mathematics, GN-50
Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA. 98195. (206-543-1148)
rag at  or   ...!uw-beaver!coco!rag

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