SW announcements to be sent to comp.archives

John Ruckstuhl ruck at reef.cis.ufl.edu
Fri Jun 21 21:09:00 AEST 1991

There are system administrators who read comp.archives to see
announcements of archives of PD or freely-redistributable SW.

For quite some time, these announcements have been largely the work of 
Ed Vielmetti, who clips out references to archives from articles posted
in *many* various newsgroups, verifies that the archives do exist, and
reposts the clippings with an informative Subject-line.
Apparently, he realizes that he cannot continue (without compensation)
to spend the time necessary to do this job as well as he has been.

I posted:
> In article <RYAN.91Jun19141831 at ra.cs.umb.edu> ryan at ra.cs.umb.edu writes:
> > we should be discussing ways which we could distribute the work load
> > as widely as possible so that noone person is overly burdened.  For
> > example, whenever we find ourselves posting the location and/or
> > availability of an item of information or software, it would be nice
> > if there was a single newsgroup with an agreed upon article format
> > which one could post that info to.  It would be bad manners to carry
> > on discussion in the designated newsgroup.  That's just one idea.
> > Maybe it will work, maybe not, but I think it is a better idea than
> > having one person or one company sifting through megabytes of crap to
> > find a few gems.

> I prefer a cooperation between N assistant-moderators, who
> lurk/contribute across the span of newsgroups.  It would be the
> responsibility of these persons to clip articles which point to
> archives, and mail them (including original Message-ID) to the
> master-moderator.
> The master-moderator would post the clippings, taking care not to post
> duplicates.  Master-moderator could be automatic.
> I volunteer, effective immediately, to forward clippings from
>     comp.sys.3b1
>     comp.sources.3b1
> to the current moderator of comp.archives.  I accept the responsibility
> of finding a replacement if I decide to no longer read these newsgroups.
> (I will cease this assistance if (i) someone points out how foolishly I
> have overlooked something, or (ii) emv asks me to quit polluting his
> mailbox)

emv (Ed Vielmetti) accepted my assistance, and noted my duty to:
> collect some more information on it, like the exact location, any
> categories or key words you'd want to add, and a sense of whether you
> expect this information to be long-lived (permanent archival value, like 
> the first announcement of a new piece of software) or short-lived
> (system down for a few days).  I'd also want to experiment in

I have lurked in this newsgroup for a few years, usually asking rather
than answering.  Perhaps this will begin to repay my debts.

I do realize that dave at galaxia.newport.ri.us would probably be a much 
more appropriate assistant-moderator, as only he knows when he will 
place comp.sources.3b1 v01i018 through v01i032 on osu-cis.
Whoops!  It looks like some (all?) of these *are* on osu-cis, but in
places other than /pub/comp.sources.3b1.
Anyway, will gladly be replaced by dave at any time, but for now I'm
doing this.

Best Regards,
John R Ruckstuhl, Jr			ruck at alpha.ee.ufl.edu
Dept of Electrical Engineering		ruck at cis.ufl.edu, uflorida!ruck
University of Florida

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