Mgr help requested

Dave Brower daveb at Ingres.COM
Thu Jun 6 04:29:40 AEST 1991

Bit me too, and then I felt dumb because this was pretty clearly
explained in the directions that I'd read not-very-carefully.

You didn't install the kernel drivers in the right order.  You loaded
the kbd driver first, and then the select driver.  When the kdb
initialized, it saw no select, and didn't get set up to work.  If you
install the select stuff first, then the kbd sees that it needs to
support select, and works right.

BTW, I have problems getting the keys to be what I wanted with keyfix,
so I hard wired them in the source to the kbd driver.  Much better,


>I issue the mgr command, and get the nifty startrek copyright screen, 
>which instructs me to press a key, but refuses to do anything when I  do
>press it.    I have checked all the obvious stuff - mgr is suid to root,
>I'm not  loading wind.o (so mgr is launched from the console), pty is
>before  kbd in /etc/lddrv/drivers, and are the versions that came with
>mgr.    It seems the problem is in select () - it appears to be
>returning  EFAULT. I'll keep poking at it, but if anyone has any ideas
>or  suggestions, I'll be interested in hearing them.    

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