OSU-CIS /pub/att7300 directory and files

Forrie Aldrich forrie at morwyn.UUCP
Fri Jun 28 03:48:34 AEST 1991

I realize that they have reorganized the OSU-CIS /pub/att7300 directory,
but have they published a 'table of contents' or 'readme' file that tells
you where all the files went???  In other words, the equivalent of ls-lR
for /pub/att7300 would be helpful.  I don't have direct FTP connections,
and have to rely on someone who knows nothing about the att7300 but will
FTP stuff for me if I need it.  If anyone has such a list, please send
me a copy, I'd appreciate it.

For reference, I'm trying to get ahold of serial_patch.Z ... I had it lying
around here somewhere, but lost it, and would like it back to implement.
(hint:  if you have it, send that too! :) :)



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