Seeking Documentation

Mark A. Fleming mark at NCoast.ORG
Fri Jun 21 06:54:15 AEST 1991

> Greeting fellow 3B1er's,
> I want to buy a documentation set for my 3B1.  I bought it used and have no 
> documentation of any kind.
> Could someone tell me what to order from AT&T Parts in Denver.  I called them
> and several people were of no help.  They all seem to be order takers and
> you need a COMCODE or PEC number before they even talk to you.
> As an alternative does anyone have an extra set they are willing to sell?
> Please if you have the information don't think everyone knows and sit
> silent.  This search has been going on for a while and I'm all out of
> places to call.  If you know ... share the knowledge.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gene Kays - KA5ALN/AE
> Voice: 206-487-8466
> UUCP: uunet!gtenmc!kays

     Okay, here goes:

UNIX PC System V Users Manual		999-801-312	$65.00
UNIX PC System V Programmers Guide	999-801-313	$65.00
UNIX PC Service Manual			582-602-030	$150.00
UNIX PC Reference Manual		999-750-401	$355.00

Order Phone Number:	1-800-432-6600 (continental US)
			1-317-352-8556 (outside continental US)

All this taken from the Version 3.5 manual.  They may or may not be still
available from ATT.  Try calling Vicki at Computer Horizons,
1-800-227-2362 or 1-614-847-0400.  Good luck.

Mark A. Fleming                                           mark at ncoast.ORG

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