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>Having two fans; one blowing in, one blowing out?  There has been discussion
>in the past about fan usage and it seemed to me that the 'FARTASS' method
>might be the best way to keep air moving through the computer.
>The only problem I see is that maybe the air blowing in exits through the 
>holes in the back(front)-plane before being sucked out by the other fan.

	All the better!  If the incoming fan is filtered, and has a bit more
airflow than the outbound fan, the extra lost through the holes will keep
the dust-bunnies out.  I haven't checked for the 3" fans, but the 5" fans
(from Rotron, at least) were available in both the 7-watt version (whisper
fan), and the 14-watt version (more noise, but more airflow).  If there is a
similar pair available, this sounds like the way to go.  With the original
7300's fans, run the inbound one on the full 12VDC, while sending reduced
power to the other.

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