Installing 720K floppies on the UNIX-PC

Graham Corke gcorke at
Fri Jun 21 02:13:10 AEST 1991

 Help, anyone using a 720K floppy on the UNIX-PC,
     I am having difficulty installing the 720K floppy on my UNIX-PC. I have the driver 
from cheops, and I have set the jumper on the drive to DS1. The cable is straight through.
The drive was obtained from Fujikama, and is a Panasonic drive. It has been tested on an 
intel machine, with the jumper on DS2. There is no terminator pin, or terminating resistor
on this drive. Perhaps this is the problem. Can anyone, who is using a 720K drive on their
UNIX-PC let me know the exact type and make, and also provide specific instructions for
configuration of both the drive and the UNIX-PC. Perhaps it is necessary to alter the
boot disk files somehow. When the drive is installed, my system just ignores it and
boots from the hard disk. I've checked the cabling, and it appears O.K. Once the system is
up, the "iv" command finds the floppy but gives and error. The correct driver, showing 80
tracks is installed.

                                          Help, I can't stand those small, tiny 
                                          although reliable 360K things,
                                          Graham Corke

P.S. I am working on a SUN and a larger floppy would make cheops software easily cpio'd to 
     the ATT box.

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