gcc 1.39 and #pragma once

Bruce Lilly bruce at balilly.UUCP
Mon Jun 10 14:02:55 AEST 1991

I noticed that the cpp which is part of the gcc 1.39
binary distribution archived in the att7300 hierarchy
on osu-cis does not support the
#pragma once
preprocessor command. Version 1.35 certainly did, and
I believe 1.37 did also.

Of course, the documentation is not part of the binary
package, hence the following question:

Has #pragma once been dropped by FSF, or is it a compile-time
option which was left out of the binary archived on
osu-cis, or is it some sort of bug in 1.39 which causes
it to not recognize #pragma?
	Bruce Lilly		bruce%balilly at Broadcast.Sony.COM

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