Setting up a 3b1 network

John Perkins john at
Wed Jun 5 11:21:38 AEST 1991

A friend of mine and I are thinking about setting up a cluster of 3b1 machines
for the campus ham radio club.  Since we don't know a whole lot about these 
little creatures, we thought we'd try posting something here.

Here's the situation:
--We have 4 UNIX PC's we'd like to set up.  All have a 40meg hard drive in 
them (except one with a 20 meg hard drive).

--We have StarLAN and Ethernet cards for them.  However, due to political 
reasons, the lesser number of ethernet connections we have the better.

We were originally hoping to set up the 20 meg machine as a gateway between
a StarLAN subnet and the Ethernet.  One of the 40 meg machines would serve
as a mail server, one as a news server for one or two ham radio news groups,
and the other as a file server for various things in /usr or used for other
projects (such as a packet BBS).

Our questions are:
1)  Is there some way to configure one of the machines as a bridge or gateway
    between the campus Ethernet and our mini StarLAN network?

2)  Is there a working version of mail to run on the 3b1's?  I hear that these
    machines were used extensively here in this department a few years back, 
    but I have yet to see one up and running (they have since been replaced
    with other workstations).

3)  I know this may be too much to ask for, but is there some AT&T version of
    NFS out for these machines?  

4)  Is there some way to telnet from a StarLAN network to an Ethernet host, 
    assuming that a gateway as mentioned above exists?

We are aware of the different speeds of the two networks (ratio around 1:10).
Considering the amount of use this set-up will get, though, this is ok.

We appreciate any help/advice/comments/etc. anyone has to offer us.

John Perkins
UW-Madison Computer Science Dept. Systems Lab
e-mail: john at	uucp: uwvax!john
Phone: (608)262-2389

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