fan speedup-power supply question

derekp at derekp at
Wed Jun 12 22:55:17 AEST 1991

	I bought a powers supply that was supposed to be for a 3b1, for a 
	spare. Last night (quite hot) I encountered the mysterious fan speed
	up/slow down problem for the first time, so I went to replace it with
	the AC fan. This is what causes me to ask the great questions:
		1. The fan didn't do the speed up slow down trick until after
		installation of a combo card (in slot 0) AND the occurance of
		a hot day (No its not in an air conditioned room, no I don't 
		leave it on all the time) 
		Is there a connection with the combo card, and slot 0 (under the
		power supply). There was not a lot of dust under or in the fan.

		2. The power supply: The one I bought was marked 
			Power Systems: pn PS-1569
			5v/20a 12v/3.5a -12v/100ma.

			What I foud went I went thru the fan exercise (my supply, which
			is functional)
			Power Systems: pn PS-1610-1
			5v/20a 12v/5a -12v/300ma.

		What is a proper PS for a 3b1. (67 meg drive 3.5 meg ram 1.5 of
		which is on a combo card)
		Did I buy a 7300 PS? 

	Thanks for any info...

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