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>|> uucp mcws  (6/19-23:24:52,99,0) CONN FAILED (DEVICE LOCKED)
>I've seen this happen a lot.  When an incoming call disconnects, often the
>lock file does not get removed.  I wrote a small program, "uuunlock.c", that
>validates the lock file(s) and removes them if they're invalid.  Since it's
>a short program, I'll include it here rather than posting to the source group.

Odd, my HDB UUCP does do a validate on the lock file.  If I kill -9
a uucico, the locks are left around.  Running a second UUCP with
debug on shows that it's found a lock file and that it's okay to
remove it.  I believe that HDB also does the kill 0 trick.

On the other hand, I'd be more interested in seeing if there was still
a process running.  Run uustat -p and see if there's a running uugetty
with a lock.
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