Virtual memory and exhaustion

Thaddeus P. Floryan thad at public.BTR.COM
Thu Jun 27 22:13:01 AEST 1991

In article <137 at morwyn.UUCP> forrie at morwyn.UUCP (Forrie Aldrich) writes:
| I've been noticing this problem more and more recently as I attempt
| to compile things.  And the problem is consistently saying :
| 	"Virtual Memory exhausted ..."
| Now, I don't understand why others with nearly the SAME configuration
| would NOT have this problem and I do (or is it just my luck?).
| My configuration is as follows:
| 	3.51m kernel
| 	3.51 development set
| 	2 meg RAM
| 	67 meg hard-disk
| [...]

So, how much swap space do you have allocated and how many other (large)
processes are "running"?

To determine the swap space allocated on your hard drive, do the following
and be SURE to type a lower-case "T" and not an "I":

	$ su
	# iv -t /dev/rfp000

If the size of partition 1 is 4000 or 5000, you're running the "default"
which simply may not be enough for what you do on your system.  If you have
a large HD, a swap partition size of 8000, 10000 or 12000 may be in order.

To check what other processes are running, issue a "ps -ef" command.

You can also use the "mapmem" program to dynamically track the actual space
used/free in RAM and in the swap partition.  I presume "mapmem" is archived
at osu-cis; I got my copy when it was posted to the unix-pc.sources and to
the comp.sys.att newsgroups on 29-April-1990.

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