VT220 as Terminal

Brian Heess BHeess at mcws.fidonet.org
Tue Jun 4 13:58:27 AEST 1991

Has anybody setup a real DEC VT220 as a terminal to the 3B/1?

I have been hacking around on it (the 3B/1 manuals haven't been much help, 
yet).  Pretty much everything in the 3B/1 manuals is stuff that anybody could 
figure out anyway.  I have no manuals for the VT220, as far as I know <GRIN>...

Anyway, if you have, can you let me know what settings you used on the 3B/1, 
and the appropriate settings for the VT220 (mainly for the COMM choice off of 
the main SETUP screen, and the VT100/VT100 ID settings).

I have both set for 9600, and no HFC on the 3B/1.

I have tried a bunch of settings on the VT220, and so far, no "Welcome to the 
AT&T UNIX pc"...

I finally got the VT talking to a modem after changing LOCAL to ON-LINE 
(DUH!)... :-)

Any hints GREATFULLY appreciated!


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