Upgrading memory/combo boards???

Michael Snyder mps at hawkeye.UUCP
Tue Jun 18 13:43:28 AEST 1991

Previously, I posted the following:

> I have 256K DRAMs coming out my ears right now... is there any way I
> can upgrade a 512K memory board or a 1.5Meg combo board to use 256K
> chips?

Since then, I have received mail from gk at kksys.mn.org (Greg Kemnitz):

> If you come up with the details of the 512k ram card mod, please pass
> it along to me.  I have three of 'em, and would like to bring at least
> one up to the theoretical 2mb possible.  I had heard of a mod to do this,
> but have never been able to track down the details.

Okay, this is the desperate plea to the masses...  I don't know what Greg
has, but my poor little 1MB RAM machine takes 9.5 hours to crunch the maps
through pathalias.  I have a 512K board on the way, but if I *could* get
it to 2MB (for 3 total), I KNOW that my swap space would thank me. :-)

If ANYONE can supply the details of accomplishing this, or even point me
to something archived somewhere, I will gladly let everyone know of any
successes, failures, or pitfalls of attempting this.  Ultimately, the
supply of memory boards could be virtually increased since one 2MB board
would take the place of 2 or more 512K's.

So there's my story... all responses will be greatly appreciated and
publicly acknowledged.

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