John Milton HD2 board for sale.

Brad Isley brad at slammer.UUCP
Mon Jun 3 23:33:16 AEST 1991

I ordered one of Milton's HD2 boards a year or so ago.  After it arrived
my 2nd HD had died and so has my interest in hacking the motherboard.

So if you want it, it's for sale.  It's still unopened.  John was selling
them for $75.  If you send me $75, I'll send you the board postpaid.

+1-404-925-9663  in case mail is broke.
emory!slammer!brad   (Brad Isley)  NRA, NRA-ILA, GSSA
+1 404 841-4169 Work               Long live the Constitution
+1 404 925-9663 Home               Love it or Leave it

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